I've always had a love for vintage bikes.
Beautiful, italian, simple and classy. So for
every frame I build these 4 elements play a role. In every
frame I incorporate a mix of Columbus,
True Temper and Dedacciai tubing, along with the
finest lugs around.

I am the sole builder, so each frame is hand cut and
mitered by me. I make each frame with the minimal
amount of fixtures. The frames are pinned together
(which is a skill no longer used) brazed in a vice and
then filed to give you the hand made bicycle.

Each frame is built to the customers specifications, as well
as my high standard of quality. I wouldn't build anything
I wouldn't ride. I want everyone to experience the smooth
elegant ride of the Belladonna.

This is for grandma, Sadie Cali (Beautiful Lady) 

m.j@belladonnacycles.com 971 255-2637