Really now, I'm not hot at all!

August 1st.

Yes, it has really been 4 months since I've written anything. I swear I will get better at this with time,(lots) It started out to be a good summer than it got hotter than the devil, enough to were I cant sleep in my own room, or even work in the shop. I haven't been to the river or the coast or the beach or camping or anything fun this whole summer. All I've been doing is work. It's getting old real quick, I need to take some time off for myself, real soon. I've been getting alot faster with the frames though, more thorough and easier with the clean up. It's all with time. I'm glad to see Nicole's bike done, and out and about, that bike came out really beautiful. Negan's touring bike and another one are still at paint. No pressure, I want them to come out pretty so take your time Dell. Ok it's time to be done writting, too hot up here. It's time to crack a beer and sit out in my back yard. Bye-Bye

Oh Yeah, The Website!!!

April 4th.

It's been a good 3 months since Ive even looked at this site. It's really hard trying to keep this thing updated, I don't have the best knowledge, or computer savvy ways. I just like to post pictures every now and then, with an occasional word or two. The more I do it the easier it gets, just like everything. Some of those obstacles aren't fun though. OK!! So I've been busy screwing around in my shop all winter, and It's finally looking like some light is being shed. Gotten 3 bikes done, all with racks. And I'm still waiting on photos so I can post them. All I have is raw shots before paint, which is nice but it would be great to have painted and built up bikes as well. Ive gotten some great tools in the past few months as well as better patience and handling of those tools. Just like before, everything gets easier with time. Or at-least tolerable. See you soon.

Snow in Portland!!!

December 22nd.

I guess winter is finally here, 2 days before christmas and I'm already going stir crazy. I was sick for a week and I'm waiting for lugs in the mail, which probably won't be here anytime soon, I"ve got 3 bikes I need to get done real soon, and the sooner the mail man shows up the better. There is nothing I can do as of right now accept enjoy the snow, It's an impulsive vacation, without the money. Well atleast Kate's bike is back from paint and it looks beautiful. She saw it yesterday and was amazed. Can't wait to see it built up. Done for now. I was just really bored, gonna go play in the snow, again. Till next time. MJ

T-Shirts are here!!!!

December 2nd.

Just got the new Belladonna T-shirts. They are 100% Organic cotton from American Apparel. Grey shirt w/ off white and black ink. They are 20.00 p.p.d . Drop me a line and I'll send you one. Thanks

Bike For Sale!

November 14th

Now that its been a month since the Oregon Manifest show it's time to sell the show bike. I built this bike for the show buts it's time to go, I need new tools and more sand paper. So the size of this beauty is 55.5cm seat tube(center to center) and 56cm top tube. It's got braze ons for full fenders and cantilever brakes. Brooks saddle, Eno cranks, Miche hubs, and ofcourse custom front and back racks fitted w/ white oak and purple heart wood. This photo doesnt really do it justice, I have more photos of this bike on my Flickr page. For price contact me via e-mail or telephone.

Head Badge!!!!

October 19th

Alot has happened in the past couple weeks. I finished 2 frames, had a bike show(Oregon Manifest) Had an art opening, got shirts done and got head badges back. Everything is all coming together. Man, the Oregon Manifest show was awesome, tons of great bikes and builders, as well as tons of people interested in bike frames. It made for a hectic week, but all in all it was worth it. It was also great to meet all the builders, everyone is super cool, and down to earth. I just started on my friend Kate's bike. Its a touring all aroung rig that is very small w/ 650B wheels and all the bells and whistles. Im excited. Next up will be Nicole's track frame(another small one) with afront rack to carry her dog around with her. O.k now its time for a thank you list for the best hard working folks out there. First off is my boys down at the local bike shop Dave, Dan and Jerome. They help my dumb ass out way too much. Sam for the awesome wood slatted racks, Deven for the brand new t-shirts I have for sale, there will be a picture up on flickr soon. Dell ofcourse over at Class Act Paint, and everyone else who has given me inspiration to keep on going. Thanks

Alright, here we go again!

September 15th

Wow , it's been a long time since I've looked at the site. I think it's about time to update the people. Alot has happened since the last(first) time I wrote in my journal. I've taken some good trips, my bands have played alot of shows as well as put out some recordings. As far as the bikes go, I need to take more pictures of the process as well as the finished product. All of this is true and I will start to take more photos as well as write in this thing way more often. O.k. as far as the past couple of months go, my first touring frame for Susan turned out great , and as soon as I was done she packed it up and rode to L.A. ( I don't know why anyone would go there) but that is Awesome. I've done a couple of replacement forks for people as well as some racks. I just got a new frame back from paint a few days ago, and I'm still unsure what to do with it, I just wanted a break from everybody's frames to build something a little different. I just sent Bess's step through frame to paint. I'm starting on Kate's Roadster next week, and then on to Nicole's fixie. That's enough for now, more photos soon.

First Entry!

June 2nd

I've been working on a frame for myself for a long time, and now its finally done. Lots of hard work and lots of patience. Its a single speed cruiser with tight geometry but built up for easy cruisin. I used Henry James lugs, Dedacciai tubing, Paragon rear drop outs and tons of love. Del @ Class Act did a beautiful job on the paint. My friend Sam did the woodwork for the rack, and James did the bronze casted badge. I am indebted to friends for all the help. I cant do this alone, and without friends why would I. Thanks again.

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